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Destiny denied us our rightful places

Now fate weaves anew the twisted paths

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Name:Re : Ordered
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Timeline of AU Taken list

Ten years ago, things went pear-shaped when Vanitas appeared earlier than in canon and decided that he could train Ventus better than Xehanort. One kidnapping later, a whole new chain of events unfolded that sent the Kingdom Hearts universe down a different, darker path, and threw a spanner into Xehanort's plans for over a decade.

Though this has not come without it's price: While Vanitas bides his time out in the worlds, waiting for the day he can reclaim the X-blade, Xehnort's Heartless controls the remains of the Organisation as they watch and wait for the light to sunder itself with internal disputes. Yet, for all the disputes and disagreements on how to handle things, the Light has gained powerful allies for the fight ahead.

The road may seem to weave a path towards the twilight, but there is a glimmer of hope in the distance. A faint, wavering one in the shape of a boy named Sora, who seems to be the key to unlocking the Door.
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